Managing Dysphagia

Managing Dysphagia Course Description & Information:

  • Dysphagia can lead to malnutrition, dehydration, aspiration pneumonia, and even death. This condition has diverse causes and symptoms vary widely. The medical management of dysphagia refers to dietary modifications (e.g special diet, nutrition and hydration regulation or feeding route choice) and/or pharmacologic treatment. This course will provide guidance in the management of dysphagia for different age populations.
  • Pharmacist information: ACPE UAN: 0826-9999-18-004-L01-P, IRD: 3-11-2018. Knowledge based activity.
Course Objectives:

  • Define dysphagia.
  • Identify the key difference between oropharyngeal and esophageal dysphagia.
  • Identify three accompanying dysphagia symptoms.
  • List at least three causes of dysphagia.
  • List the levels of the National Dysphagia Diet (NDD) and describe the differences in terms of foods allowed/not allowed.
  • State what the current research efforts for prevention and treatment are for the patient with dysphagia - both young and older patient populations.

Course Credit: 1 Contact Hour

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Who Should Attend:

Pharmacists, Dietitians, Nursing professionals, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy professionals, and other medical professionals.

Certificate Requirements:

  • Full attendance.
  • Completion of course post-test (70%) and evaluation.

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