Leaky Gut Syndrome

Course Description & Information:

  • The term Leaky Gut Syndrome is used to describe the condition of “Hyperpermeable Intestines,” a term that means the intestinal lining has became more porous, with more holes developing that are larger in size and the screening out process is no longer functioning properly. The change in permeability results in the “bad stuff” (yeast, toxins, and all other forms of waste) that your body normally doesn’t allow through, to flow freely into your bloodstream. The result of this change in permeability status of the gut is now be explored in its relationship to diseases such as degenerative changes, autoimmune disease and gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Pharmacist information: ACPE UAN: 0826-9999-17-012-L01-P, IRD: 3-16-17. Knowledge based activity.
Course Objectives:

  • Define and discuss leaky gut syndrome.
  • List medical conditions that may be associated with leaky gut syndrome.
  • Distinguish at least three potential causes of leaky gut syndrome.
  • Evaluate at least two treatments options that have been clinically evaluated to help alleviate leaky gut syndrome.
  • Identify nutrition strategies that could help normalize intestinal permeability.

Course Credit: 2 Contact Hours

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Who Should Attend:

Pharmacists, Dietitians, Nursing professionals (nursing pharmacology hours offered), Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy professionals, and other medical professionals.

Certificate Requirements:

  • Full attendance.
  • Completion of course post-test (70%) and evaluation.

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10/26/2018 Leaky Gut Syndrome 9-11 AM CDT
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10/26/2018 Leaky Gut Syndrome 9-11 AM CDT
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