2-hour On-Demand: Antibodies in Medicine

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Course Description & Information:

  • It was only 45 years ago that monoclonal antibody (mAb) technology was created. In the last 35 years, use of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies has grown from a benchtop dream, which resulted in the first approved therapeutic monoclonal antibody, to a rapidly expanding drug branch, with more than 80 approved products. Today, there is an ever-expanding number of diseases where medical mAbs offer viable alternative therapeutic choices to traditional drug treatments. Many patients find disease relief or cure for conditions which are difficult to effectively treat with traditional pharmacologic agents. This presentation will address the development of medical mAbs, and some of their current applications.
  • Pharmacist information: ACPE UAN: 0826-9999-21-033-H01-P, IRD: 8-5-2021, ERD: 8-5-2024. Knowledge based activity.
  • Expiration Date: 8-5-2024
  • Level: Intermediate

Course Objectives:

  • Describe what an antibody is.
  • Explain what monoclonal antibodies are, and the traditional method of their creation
  • Differentiate among murine, chimeric, humanized and human monoclonal antibodies
  • Compare mechanisms by which selected monoclonal antibodies improve disease outcomes
  • Evaluate how therapeutic monoclonal antibodies can be integrated into traditional treatments, for selected diseases
  • Summarize potential advantages and drawbacks of selected therapeutic monoclonal antibodies

Learning Outcome: At least 80% of class participants will score 70% or greater on course post-test.

Course Credit: 2 Contact Hours

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Who Should Take This Course:

  • Pharmacists, Dietitians, and Nursing professionals (2 hours of pharmacotherapeutic credit).

Certificate Requirements:

  • Full attendance required.
  • Completion of course post-test (70%) and course evaluation.

Faculty: Blaine Smith, PhD, PharmD

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