6-hour On-Demand: Immunity, Inflammation & the Gut Microbiota

Course Description & Information:

  • The gut microbiome, which impacts the innate and adaptive branches of immunity, not only influences the development of autoimmune disorders but also inflammation and neurodegenerative diseases. The gut microbiome is the term given to describe the vast collection of symbiotic microorganisms in the human gastrointestinal system and their collective interacting genomes. Recent data suggest that the gut microbiome performs numerous important biochemical functions and disorders of the microbiome are associated with many and diverse human disease processes. The importance of the gut microbiome in the disease pathogenesis for numerous systemic disease states has been established. This course reviews current evidence-based data on the relationship between immunity, inflammation and the gut microbiota and the impact on the risk for disease.
  • ACPE UAN: 0826-0000-21-036-H01-P, IRD: 10-4-2021, ERD: 10-4-2024. Knowledge based activity.
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Expiration Date: 10-21-2023

Course Objectives:

  • Distinguish between the adaptive and the innate immune system.
  • Identify the connection between inflammation & autoimmune diseases.
  • Identify the current evidence linking the gut microbiota with autoimmune disease, specifically type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and sjogren’s syndrome.
  • Explain the relationship between the gut microbiota, inflammation, immunity and chronic disease.
  • Explore the data on how the human gut microbiome is related to neurodegenerative diseases (eg. Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease).
  • Identify the role of stress, diet and age on immune function.
  • Identify how diet influences the gut microbiome and specific dietary modifications to change the gut microbiota and reduce inflammation.
  • Discuss the latest research on probiotics, inflammation and immunity.

Learning Outcome: At least 80% of class participants will score 70% or greater on course post-test.

Course Credit: 6 Contact Hours

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Who Should Take This Course:

  • Pharmacists, Nursing professionals, Dietitians, Physical and Occupational Therapy professionals, and other medical professionals.

Certificate Requirements:

  • Completion of course materials.
  • Completion of course post-test (70%) and course evaluation.

Faculty: Heather Brady, PhD, RD, LD

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